Wayne/Pike County ARES ALERT

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) has announced that they have activated the “acs” (Auxiliary Communications Services) for gathering weather data this weekend.
Accordingly the Wayne county ARES “ALERT LEVEL” has been raised from “NO ALERT” to “HOT STANDBY”. This means, no emergency actually exists (yet) but the potential exists for a call-up within the next 24 hours. All ARES Members should monitor the WCARES Net, public radios, TV, media, etc. and prepare to respond quickly to a call-up.

The net schedule for reporting weather-related status is as follows… 9AM, Noon, 3PM, 6PM, and 9PM – . All Wayne County ARES Members are requested to check into the Wayne County Primary Frequency of 146.715 MHz (Repeater, -600KHz input, PL = 82.5HZ, Mode – FM) at those times if they are available.

During nets we will be collecting weather related data such as temperature, snowfall accumulations (from none – trace - # of inches), and other data plus any reports of travel issues or storm related damage.

MORE INFO to follow. Take no action at this time & await WCARES Notifications


Welcome to Wayne County ARES

“The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) is a program of the ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio, which is comprised of organized, trained, qualified, and credentialed Amateur Radio operators who augment and support vital communications on behalf of the public through partner agencies and organizations during emergencies and disasters. The mission of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® is to be an effective partner in emergency and disaster response, providing emergency managers and their communities with radio communications expertise, capability and capacity, supplied by volunteer radio communicators.”