Welcome to the WC ARES Survey

We ask that you please fill out this form and enter any and all comments you have in regards to Wayne County ARES. We are doing our very best to make WC-ARES the best it can be, and your answers to these questions will help us in that effort. All answers will be submitted anonymously. Thank you for your participation!


Hank Grilk, Wayne County EC

Lee Glassman, AEC

Robert Burgess, AEC



  • Do you consider yourself a…


  • Is the Net day & time OK for you? (Currently Thursday Evenings at 8PM PA time)

3. What days would be best for you (check all that apply):
4. What Time would be best for you?
5. Our Net topics have been pretty consistent - - - Preamble / Training Radiograms (some real!) / General Emergency Communications Training / Announcements-News / Round-Table discussions. We’re planning on adding a quick review on Radiogram basics for newer WC-ARES members, and as a refresher for longer members.  Do you like this format?

Our Wayne County ARES Manual calls for Quarterly meetings, perhaps Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.  The Conference Room at the Wayne County EOC (43 Volunteer Drive, Honesdale - - - Next to the County Recycling Center off Rt-652) - - - will be available to us.  The plan is to have special guest presentations along with some ARES or traffic handling training, event/activity planning, etc.  Is this plan OK?  How often would you like to meet?


You’re obviously interested in some level of emergency communications and helping our “Served Agencies” (such as Wayne County, Rad Cross, Salvation Army, etc.) in the event of a disaster or emergency situation, or you wouldn’t have registered for WC-ARES.

But what – specifically – is your level of interest? (Check All That Apply)
8. Please add any comments below. Remember, this is an ANONYMOUS survey. Please tell us anything you would like to say...
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